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One of the biggest concerns for woodworkers when planing timber is encountering contamination in the wood that can damage high speed planing knives. A Lumber Wizard Metal detector has a finely wound field of copper wire inside the "head" of the unit that has electricity passing through it continuously, creating a Magnetic Field. When metal is encountered in this testing field, it changes the stability of the field which the electronic circuit recognises and several alarm functions are tripped viz. warning light, buzzer, handle vibration and in the latest Model #4, a laser flash line.

Lumber Wizard 5 Metal Detector - Laser
Price (AUS) $240.00

Lumber Wizard 5 Metal Detector - Laser

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www.woodcraftsupplies.com.au WOODCRAFT SUPPLIES AUSTRALIA........The Lumber Wizard 5 is the latest version of Woodcraft Supplies flagship woodworking metal detector. A powerful precision hand-held metal detector designed specifically for woodworkers, It helps detect small metal objects hidden inside new or used timber. A laser line indicates the location of the metal contaminants.

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Lumber Wizard 5 Metal Detector - Laser POSTAGE $22.50 Quantity

Little Wizard Woodworking Metal Detector
Price (AUS) $75.00

Little Wizard Woodworking Metal Detector

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Little Wizard Woodworking Metal Detector is a precision hand held metal detector designed especially for woodworkers. Perfect for scanning recycled wood for screws and nails before planing, routing, sanding or sawing, and other forms of metal detection.

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Little Wizard Woodworking Metal Detector POSTAGE $15.00 Quantity

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