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Paint Stripper - Soygel

derivities of soybeans are extremely strong solvents and work as a powerful paint stripper. Soygel solvent does not dissolve the paint coatings but penetrates the layers until in reaches the substraight (wood, plastic, fiberglass & metal) where it releases the adhesion of the primer. The reaction of the soygel to the coatings is very obvious and almost immediately you can start scrapping the surface and remove layers from your project. Soy gel is very effective in tight corners, moulded shapes or anywhere sanding would damage the substraight.

SOYGel Paint Stripper
Price (AUS) $90.00 Litre

SOYGel Paint Stripper

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SOYGel is a nature paint stripper that helps remove paint starting in 30 minutes which you can scrape away with ease. Derived from soybeans it is completely biodegradable, safe to touch and no nasty odours. Soften and remove paints, urethanes, acrylics, epoxies and enamels easily.

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SOYGel Paint Stripper Postage $20.00 Quantity

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