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Versa-specs Multi-Lens, Bi Focal Safety Glasses

Versa-specs Multi-Lens, Bi Focal Safety Glasses
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Product ID: Bifocal Reading Safety Glasses
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Versa specs Multi Lens Bi Focal Safety Glasses

Multi-Lens Bi- Focal Safety Glasses with Interchangeable Lenses and Carrying Case 

The Wizard Versa-Specs Multiple Lens Safety Glasses include Clear, Yellow, Grey, Bifocal and Prescription Insert Frames.  (Prescription lens not included)

The Versa-Specs unique safety glasses provide the ability to instantly switch lens colors and types. They provide optically clear or tinted vision and additional bifocal lenses and prescription insert lens frame inserts.

Bifocal Lenses: Provide un-magnified vision in the upper viewing field, and correction for presbyopia (lacking ability to focus on nearby objects) in the reading segments. With fully adjustable ear stems, and available in a range of bifocal powers, fit and comfort are assured. There is no need to wear reading glasses underneath your safety glasses ever again.

Prescription Inserts: Provide the ability to have your lens prescription made by your eye care professional to fit the included insert lens frames.

Padded Carrying Case: Protects Versa-Specs and assorted lenses

Stylish, resiliente, durable frame that accepts three colors of lenses, bifocal lenses and prescription ready frame inserts.

Helps prevent accidents and mistakes by improving vision

Available in the following bifocal powers: +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 & +3.0

Comes with clear, yellow and greay lenses

99.9% UV protection up to 380 nm

For anyone who wears reading glasses and needs eye protection

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