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Spiral (Helical) Cutterhead forCarbatec 10" Combination

Spiral (Helical) Cutterhead forCarbatec 10\
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Sheartak Spiral (Helical) Cutterhead for Carba-Tec HC-260 10" Jointer

Woodworkers are now retrofitting spiral (Helical) cutter heads to their old planers, and jointers for the following advantages.

* Smoother Finish with no tear-out. Each knife sits at a slight angle and it produces a shear cut. Spiral cutter head planes board in a staggered cut which is much better than a single straight cut. The combined shear and staggered cut eliminates tear-out and leaves a glossy surface finish on even highly figured hardwood.

* Noise is hugely reduced as the spiral cutter head allows a few knives to cut in a staggered way.

* More than 10 times the life use of high-speed steel. The 15x15x2.5mm inserts are made of sintered tungsten carbide which is much harder than high-speed steel. Each insert has four edges.

* Easy to change. The knives are precision ground to a tolerance of +/-0.0004" or +/-0.01mm and are interchangeable. Loosen the screw, rotate 90° for a new edge, and tighten the insert in minutes.

* Dust extraction is easier. The spiral cutter head produces thinner and shorter chips.

* Low cost to use. Spiral cutter heads produce a smooth finish, reduce or eliminate sanding work, don't require sharpening, the product will pay for itself in a very short time.

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