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SHELIX Spiral Cutter Planing Head - Helical Cutter Block

SHELIX Spiral Cutter Planing Head - Helical Cutter Block
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SHELIX® Spiral Cutter blocks were invented and are manufactured in Kentucky USA to stringent engineering standards as replacements for existing spindles in Thicknessers, Jointers and even Planer/thicknessers (over/under planing machines). We stock a large range of Shelix cutterheads that can be easily "retro-fitted" to your existing machine. If your machine is not mentioned in the attached list please contact us and we can personally get a Shelix® cutter block drawn up and designed for your woodworking machine.

The history and why Shelix® is the best

For the last 50 years, the cutters on planing machines were usually 2 to 3 straight high speed steel (HSS) knives rotating with a scalloping action to remove material and produce an apparent smooth, straight surface.

The truth is that this rotating action traditionally left lines in the timber that required sanding prior to assembly or application of liquid finishes. High speed steel knives are very effective but can lose the sharp edges quite quickly on wood that is very hard or contains natural minerals.

From experience with hand tools, most woodworkers know that a "shear" cut is far more effective than a straight line down the length of timber. By staggering the cutters and segmenting them into practical square tungsten inserts, the cut is smoother, quiter and dust extraction efficiency is improved dramatically.

A Shelix® is supplied with many rows of 15mm square solid Tungsten carbide inserts and each "seat" is machined so that the cutters self-align and lock into position without the use of jigs and gauges.

Each model of machine has different physical cutter dimensions, bearing fits and pulley mounting so, different Shelix® cutters are produced for each machine so what cutter comes out of your machine is replicated exactly by the new Shelix® being installed.

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