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Save Phace Jet Ski Face Mask (Da Thang)

Save Phace Jet Ski Face Mask (Da Thang)
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Suggested Retail (AUS) $165.00
Price (AUS) $105.00 each You Save $60.00
Save Phace Jet Ski Face Mask (Da Thang) Quantity

Save Phace Australia Sports Utility Masks

Artistic Pattern

Save Phace is a full protection face mask with a poly carbonate lens for full visibility whilst providing comfort and protection to your skin, eyes, nose and ears. Providing the jetskiers and high speed fishing boats of Australia with the facal protection they need.

  • Lightweight, comfortable and doesn't get in your way!
  • Protects your face from rain drops and insects. Prevents watery eyes from the cold wind and the ringing in your ears from the howling winds.
  • Anti-fog coating at the factory so it will NOT FOG UP while you are driving!
  • Fits comfortably cover most prescription glasses and sunglasses!
  • Interchangeable lenses and available in different colours!
  • Save Phace comes with a cloth stuff sack for wasy storage when not in use.
  • One size fits 98% of the population.
  • Adjustable elastic strap hold the mask firmly in place.
  • Soft, comfortable. automobile grade foam hugs your face.
  • Stows in your tackle bin, glove box, under the seat or hang it over the throttle!
  • Does not get soggy and IT FLOATS!!
  • One year manufacturers warranty against defects!

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