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Spiral Cutter blocks - Helical Cutter Blocks


Advantages of spiral cutterheads

Small carbide cutters within the cutterblock present a shearing cut to the timber which is claimed to have three advantages over straight knife cutters: reduced noise, improved cut quality and quicker, more accurate blade changes.

Woodcraft Supplies distribute a wide range of "true" Helix Spiral Cutters for retro-fitting to suit MANY Planner, Thicknessers and Jointer machines sold in Australia over the last 60 years!

We identify these machines primarily by the "Brand", "Model Number", and "Physical" capacity ie: "Jet, JWP-15, 15" (380mm) Thicknesser".

Once established, we can provide a quotation for the supply of a true helix cutter of the same physical dimensions that will fit directly into yur existing Jointer, Thicknesser or Combination Wood Planer. Listed below for your selection are machines that should relate to your existing or proposed equipment.

Thicknessers ex Taiwan/China

  • 12.5" (318mm) suitcase, portable design Jet JWP-12.5, Ryobi, Woodman, Delta 22-540, 560, 580
  • 13"    (330mm) Jet PJM13 Planer/Moulder
  • 13"    (330mm) suitcase, portable design Jet-JWP13DX, Hafco T330
  • 15"    (375mm) Motors above or in cabinet stand CT38, CT381
  • 16"    (418mm) Jet, Rexon, CarbaTec
  • 20"    (508mm) CT508
  • 22" and 25" Powermatic

Thicknessers and Jointers (Made in Australia)

  • Davden 20"
  • Durden T360, T520
  • Durden P600 (Jointer) and UP10/600
  • Robinson16" Jointer
  • Woodfast T-320, TH-410
  • Woodfast 6" and 10" Jointers
  • Wolfenden Models

Brand Special Model Thicknessers

  • Barker 12"
  • Hafco T382-15" (Special)
  • Dewalt DW-733, 734, 735
  • Leda WJ-20, WJ-24
  • Leda CT508, CT508G-HD
  • Makita 2030N-300mm, 2030
  • Tanner GB-165
  • Woodman AP215, AP218, AP268

Brand Special Model Jointers

  • Ace-16
  • CarbaTec TB-6 Bench - 6" (150mm)
  • CarbaTec CTJ-150 - 6" (150mm)
  • CarbaTec CTJ-196 - 6" (150mm)
  • CarbaTec CTJ-350 - 8" (208mm)
  • CarbaTec CTJ-360B - 12" (303mm)
  • Delta 6" (153mm) Model 37-195
  • Delta 12" (303mm)
  • Generic 6" - York Craft
  • Geetech 8" (208mm) SM0088JT
  • Grizzly DJ20-8" (208mm)
  • Hafco 8" P200H - 67mm cutter
  • Hafco 8" (208mm) - 75mm dia. cutter
  • Hafco 12" (303mm)
  • Jet 6" (153mm) 75mm cutter
  • Jet 8" (208mm) Generic 75mm cutter
  • Powermatic P60-8", PJ-882
  • Powermatic P-1285-12" (305mm)
  • SCM-F3A

Brand Imported Thicknessers & Jointers

  • Invicta/Delta 20", 25" Thicknessers
  • Felder 310, 410, 510
  • SCM Model Series 30, 50, S520, S63
  • Wadkin 12" Jointer
  • Wadkin 24" Thicknesser

Planer/Thicknesser (Over/under) Combinations

  • CarbaTec 10" x 6" (260 x 150mm)
  • Casadei E-350
  • Dewalt 1150
  • Elektra Beckum HC-260M, 2600
  • Emco B20, 2000, B30
  • Felder Series 30, 410, 500
  • Hammer Series A31, 41, 51
  • Hafco PT300
  • Jet JPT-260, JPT-310, JPT-410
  • Luna L38, L69
  • Metabo (300mm)
  • Mini-Max C26, Lab 300N, Lab 350, CU 300N, FS410
  • Robland X260, X31, K31, 410, 510
  • Scheppach HC260, 2600
  • SCM Series 2000D, 2041FS, 30, 410
  • Sherwood (Timbercon) 10" x 6"
  • Woodfast WPT-310
  • Zinken ZC21

These are too name only a few.  If you can not see your machine model above, please call Robert on (07) 4129 4644 or email [email protected].

If you do not know the model of your machine please email us a photo, and we may be able to identify it for you.

CTS Spiral Cutter blocks - Helical Cutting head

CTS Spiral Cutter blocks - Helical Cutting head

Hot! NEW!
Product ID: CTS Spiral Cutter blocks (Helical Cutting head)
ships immediately

CTS provide a large range of spiral cutter blocks that can be 'retro-fitted' to your Thicknesser, Planer or combination machine at a competitive price.

View Product Details

SHELIX Spiral Cutter Planing Head - Helical Cutter Block

SHELIX Spiral Cutter Planing Head - Helical Cutter Block

Hot! NEW!
Product ID: Shelix Spiral Cutter Planing Heads
ships immediately

Shelix® Spiral Cutter blocks were invented and are manufactured in Kentucky USA to stringent engineering standards as replacements for existing spindles in Thicknessers, Jointers and even Planer/Thicknessers (over/under machines).

View Product Details

Makita 82mm Power Planer Spiral Cutter
Price (AUS) $310.00

Makita 82mm Power Planer Spiral Cutter

Hot! NEW! Sale!
Postage 20.00
Number in Stock 8
ships immediately

Retro fit your Makita 82mm Power Planer with a (helical) spiral cutter head.

Planing will never be the same - better finish, no more changing blades, quieter planer and so many more benefits

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Makita 82mm Power Planer Spiral Cutter Postage $20.00 Quantity

DeWalt 735 OEM Spiral Cutterhead
DeWalt 735 OEM Spiral Cutterhead

DeWalt 735 OEM Spiral Cutterhead

ships immediately
Revolutionize your DeWalt DW735X 13-inch thickness Planer with spiral cutterheads for the following benefits.

Better Finish Less Noise Less Maitenance Easy Set Up

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Spiral (Helical) Cutterhead forCarbatec 10" Combination
Suggested Retail (AUS) $925.00
Price (AUS) $785.00 ea You Save $140.00

Spiral (Helical) Cutterhead forCarbatec 10" Combination

Number in Stock 22
ships immediately
Low cost to use. Spiral cutter heads produce a smooth finish, reduce or eliminate sanding work, don't require sharpening, the product will pay for itself in a very short time.
View Product Details
Spiral (Helical) Cutterhead forCarbatec 10" Combination POSTAGE $35

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